Dashboarding with Excel and PowerPivot example dataset

By | May 26, 2014

I have had some questions about the example dataset that I used in the book and if this was publicly available. For the book I took the MecDatamarket database from the MS BI VPC and modified the data and loaded it into Access. You can download the access file here: http://www.kasperonbi.com/book/MecDataMarket.zip and you can download the workbook here: http://www.kasperonbi.com/book/dashboard%20wb.zip

All rights of this dataset are reserved to Microsoft.



  • Hi, I just downloaded the file from the url specified(http://1drv.ms/1miiVPG) and follow your book “How to Design and Create a Financial Dashboard with PowerPivot – End to End” page 23 steps to collect the data. I found the pivot table data for the sum of RevenueAmount of $57928870.16 as specified in the book is different from what was retrieved form the access data which is $58057881.68. I don’t know if I have downloaded the correct version of the data file or not. Please advise.

  • C Galarce

    I can’t download the files. Looks like the files are no longer there or they have expired. Or so says the error message.

    • hmm sorry to hear that. It still works for me. I’ll try later today from home again.

      • Zee

        I am unable to download as well. Is it available anywhere?