Building a Power BI Center of Excellence with Alex Garcia

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about rolling out Power BI in a large organization. What is a Center of Excellence? How does a it help your users get more of out their data? What are the roles and responsibilities for the COE? Finally, how to guide users that need to make decisions with data but don’t have a BI or programmer background. The expert on today’s episode is Alex Garcia.... Read more

Guest on the Rob Collie (PowerPivotPro), Raw Data By P3 podcast

Some time ago I had the honor to be a guest on the Raw Data By P3 podcast. The episode got released yesterday. I had a lot of fun here, it was great to catch up with @robcolli3 and @SQLRockstar and talk about the rise of #powerpivot and #powerbi, basketball, rising sea levels and working at #microsoft! They also made this awesome Gif that I wanted to share here: Listen to it here: Kasper de... Read more

Everything Power BI dataflows with Matthew Roche

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Power BI Dataflows, how to position it, where to use it and general best practices. The expert on today’s episode is Matthew Roche, Program Manager on the Power BI Customer Advisory Team. Matthew has a wealth of background in software development and teaching before joining Microsoft. At Microsoft he worked on SSIS, MDS and data lineage before joining the Power BI CAT team where... Read more

Kasper On BI on developing Power BI & life of a Microsoft PM with Kim Manis

On this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking with Kim Manis, Kim is the group Program manager on the Power BI team responsible for all creation and consumption of content (this includes Power BI desktop). In this episode we talk about what how she got started at Microsoft and what it means to be a Program manager. We will also discuss how features at get prioritized; how do we pick the features to... Read more

Kasper On BI on the journey from Excel to Power BI with Shannon Lindsey

I have been spending less time on blogging as I am spending more and more time on my new Kasper On BI format. In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about on making the journey from Excel to Power BI with Shannon Lindsey. Shannon has no computer background but gradually starting to work with data through Excel. Then she found PowerQuery in Excel which led to Power BI. We will talk about... Read more

Launching Kasper On BI YouTube and Podcast, for everything (Power) BI and Analytics

I’m happy to launch my new “Kasper On BI” show. At Kasper On BI we will talk about everything Business Intelligence and its ecosystem. From DAX, report designing, ETL, modelling, Synapse and Big data. In every episode we will talk to an expert. I will ask them to share his or her experience on the topic, tips and trick and whatever we can learn. The show will be available on YouTube and as PodCast as... Read more

Refresh the table fully after setting up incremental refresh with TMSL

I have seen this question a few times. When incremental refresh is setup, we cannot refresh the whole model. Some workarounds are deploying the model again but that is not the best solution. There is a way if your model is running on a XMLA enabled capacity. You can send a TMSL command with our without incremental refresh. With Incremental refresh it looks like this: This will allow you to say which table needs to... Read more

Hardcoding a calculation group in a measure

AS we have seen calculation groups are great :). It offers amazing flexibility and is extremely easy to maintain. But sometimes it doesn’t do what you want due the limitations of the visuals. Let’s say I want to have a visual that shows me the sales of current year and sales Previous year on different axis (let’s say as line). You would create something like the visual below where you want to use the same... Read more