About me


I am a passionate BI practitioner with deep knowledge of the Business intelligence market specialized in Microsoft BI having worked in both the field and as part of the Microsoft BI product development team for several years.

As part of the Microsoft product development teams I was responsible for leading, designing and driving software projects like Power Pivot, Analysis Services and Power BI.

Currently working as part of the Power BI engineering team responsible for the enterprise voice of the customer by engaging with the Microsoft field on the largest enterprise customer to get the most out of their Microsoft BI Investments.

As active member of the Microsoft BI community I share my findings and knowledge on Power BI through my blog https://www.kasperonbi.com, several white papers and sessions at conferences like SQLPass, SQLBits, Ignite and many other events around the world. I am also active on twitter @kjonge.

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My blogging practice has always maintained a separation between my professional responsibilities of my employer, current and prior. Posts found on kasperonbi.com are not approved by any employer, past or present. The statements and views expressed are mine alone.

My position with Microsoft permits me blogging as prescribed above.

If you have any questions about this material, please contact me via email at kasper@kasperonbi.com .