Add a new Pivottable or Pivotchart and reuse the slicers of an existing PowerPivot workbook

Lets say we have the following pivottable with slicers:

now we want to add a PivotChart and have the data from the PivotChart sliced by the slicers we already have in our workbook.

Add the chart as usual by clicking PivotTable -> PivotChart and add it to the existing workbook, select the data you want to see in the chart. This will give you the follwoing chart, but not sliced by the available slicers:

Now here comes the trick to, click the chart, go to PivotChart Tools, click analyze, go to Insert Slicer and click Slicer Connections:

This will open a new window where you can connect your chart to slicers in the excel sheet:

This will result in the slices chart:

Pretty cool ! Thanks to Rob who posted this at the PowerPivotFAQ.

  • Paul

    When I do this, I have to set Options as “Evaluate Calculated Members from OLAP server in filters” and do the Slicer connections. Moreover, these connections disappear after I reopen the document (even after having saved). Is there a way to keep these connections permanent?

  • I am having the same problem – the option is unchecked when I reopen and I have to reconnect the slicers – not very useful for the client if these slicers can not stay connected – has anyone found a solution