Add a new user to your single box demo machine with AD

Ok nothing to do with BI but i was playing around with security on my PowerPivot test machine where i have everything on one machine, even AD. Adding a user when you have AD installed requeres some additional actions. First add a user using “active directory user and computers” . This is easy 🙂 The problem starts when you want to log in (or run a service) with this user. You get the message “1385: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.”.

You have to make sure this user can either log on or run as service. To do this you have to poke around in domain policy’s. To do this go to start, run, “gpmc.msc”.  Now here come the trick, go to “Default Domain Controllers Policy” right mouse click, edit.

Now we can go to the allow log on localy policy:

Dubbel click on the policy to add your new user to the policy. He now can log on on the machine.  

When you would like this username to run as a service you need to go to the policy “log on as a service” in the same list and addyour user there.

Ok now you are ready for your user, all you need to do is propagate the policy to you machine by using the “gpupdate” command.

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  1. PeterGa :
    I have the same issue, but for which account it is important to set this?
    I mean which account in the configuration of PowerPivot?

    I forgot to ask if it is not possible to do a work around for this too and add the user in Administrator group of the local computer?

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