AI, Machine Learning and Power BI with Rafal Lukawiecki

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about AI, Machine Learning and Power BI. What is AI and Machine Learning? What is the difference? How has it evolved over time? What is the future and how can we use it in Power BI?

The expert on today’s episode is Rafal Lukawiecki. Rafal is a Data Scientist at his training and consulting company Project Botticelli Ltd. He has been around for over a decade starting with OLAP and traditional BI but fell in love with the Microsoft data mining addins and started going down the ML and AI path. He has been an expert in this area for many years now and the perfect person to help us bring insights and learn about these topics.

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Links mentioned in the episode:
– Rafals company:
– Tecflix:
– Follow Rafal on twitter:
– About Rafal Lukawiecki:

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