Automated collection of SQL Server 2008 performance data

Carl Rabeler from the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team, Best Practices group have released a codeplex solution automates the collection of SQL Server 2008 performance data from any or all of the following data sources ans stores the collected data into a single SQL Server 2008 relational database:

  • SQL Server Profiler Analysis Services trace data
  • Performance Monitor counters
  • Analysis Services Dynamic Memory Views (DMVs)

This data is collected using an Analysis Services server-side trace, several Integration Services packages, a custom performance monitor collector in Management Data Warehouse, and Transact-SQL stored procedures. This codeplex project also include sample Reporting Services reports utilizing SQL Server stored procedures that correlate and analyze the collected data.These reports enable you to:

  • Determine your slowest MDX queries for a specified time period
  • Compare the performance of a specified query during different time periods
  • Analyze a specific query to determine if it is storage engine or formula engine bound, to view the aggregations utilized, the number of subcubes and the number of partitions
  • Analyze processing performance
  • Correlate performance monitor counters with the execution of a specific query or processing operation
  • Correlate DMVs with the execution of a specific query or processing operation

Download it here: 

I found the tool at the great guys from SQLCat

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