Automatically rotate through Power BI report pages on your browser

This question comes up pretty regularly, I have a big screen in my hallway and I want to show some Power BI reports that rotate. Now there is some build in functionality in the Windows 10 App for Power BI for it that you can check out here. But there have been some cases where this doesn’t work, like for example if you want your report to run outside of your domain using B2B or when using Power BI embedded that both cannot load the report in the Win 10 app.

Turns out there is a pretty simple solution to do this using a simple Chrome extension called Tab Rotate that will do the trick. Once you install it you can configure which pages it needs to load like this:

You can just copy and paste the page you are on from Power BI, every report page has it’s own URL so that works great. Also make sure to add “?chromeless=1” the URL to make sure it opens the report fully without Power BI navigation.

Now it will rotate between all the tabs and also refreshed the pages each time.

The extension also allows you to create a single JSON file that you can place somewhere on the web if you want to run this on many TV’s and manage all links in a single place.

There are plenty of other ways to do this that I found but this one was one of the easiest and free.

6 Replies to “Automatically rotate through Power BI report pages on your browser

    1. Thanks Bavesh,

      Yes I mentioned that link in the first paragraph but there might be some cases where that doesn’t work like when you do B2B or you use PBI embedded.


  1. Hi Kasper,
    This really helps, thanks. But what if i don’t want to refresh the pages, just simply rotate between those tabs.

    Any adjustment needed on the source code?

  2. Hi Kasper,

    Thanks for the great tip. I have found out it works if I am the owner of the Power BI report. If the Power BI was created by others and shared with me, it doesn’t work. Is that your understanding too?

  3. Hi Kasper, i want that my bar chart be autoscrolling because i have many department and not show all until i scroller the bar

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