Book update and upcoming conferences

Today I received my copy of my Dashboarding for Power Pivot and Excel book directly from the printer:

WP_20140501_17_45_02_Pro 2

Really exciting to be able to hold this in my hands! It was shipped to me at the same time as it was to the distributor, from there it goes to Amazon. We expect Amazon to have it available and start sending out preorders in two to three weeks. So we are getting close!

I will also be at several conferences in the upcoming weeks. First I will be at PASS BA next week with a level 400 session on DAX. I will be handing out some books at the session Smile. Then I will be at TechEd in Houston with the same DAX session and a session Power View for Multidimensional (Also handing out some copies here). Thanks to some smart logistics the book will be for sale at the TechEd bookstore, so the first real chance to get the book.

I hope to see many of you at PASS BA or TechEd, I will be manning the booth a lot so feel free to drop by for a chat!

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  1. Unfortunately Amazon is like a black hole. The books went in but there is no telling when it will show up.. we hope asap. Amazon has tied the ebook release to the print version so we have to wait on that.

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