Building a Power BI Center of Excellence with Alex Garcia

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about rolling out Power BI in a large organization. What is a Center of Excellence? How does a it help your users get more of out their data? What are the roles and responsibilities for the COE? Finally, how to guide users that need to make decisions with data but don’t have a BI or programmer background.

The expert on today’s episode is Alex Garcia. Alex is the head of a Power BI Centre of Excellence for a multi-billion organization. Here he is managing one of the largest Power BI implementations in the world. Working towards aiding the business to use information as best asset to improve operations and decision taking.

Alex has an interesting view on business intelligence problems. With a combination of business savvy, psychology and technical dept he implemented the Center of Excellence for his organization. In addition, he has been running it over the last couple of years.

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