Building a WPF application, WPF DataBinding

Last night, after my WPF training, I decided to make a WPF application which can run on Media Center to play Last.FM streams and get info about my played tracks with of course some nice graphs :).
Last.FM has loads of webservices which geeks like me can use to get data, see
Of course i want to use LINQ to get to my data, for those who are new to LINQ read this to get an idea how LINQ works.
There are a few ways you can get the data from the webservice to the XAML:
–  Get the data from the webservice in XLINQ and bind the the Context/Text property in Code (not recomended)
–  Open the data from the webservice in XLINQ and bind directly to the XAML datasource, read this great blogpost how to do this here
– Using LINQ to get data from the webservice and put them in classes, then bind the classes to the XAML datasource, read this blog post how to do this.
I used the second method for my app because it gets me the fastest results. But in the end i would like to go to the classes method.
The code i produced to get the data on screen:
In Main.xaml.CS:
 //Open Webservice
                XDocument userDocument = InitializeDataSource(@”“+ username +”/profile.xml”);
                // Get the Root of the XML
                var UserInfo = userDocument.Root;
                //Bind the data to the PersonInfo stackpanel
                PersonInfo.DataContext = UserInfo;
In Main.Xaml:
So far my litte adventure in WPF, to be continued (took me a while to get my data onscreen).
A few intresting links about Databinding in WPF and LINQ: (this blog rocks !)

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