Calling your PowerPivot workbook on SharePoint 2010 remotely

I have created a SharePoint 2010 image with PowerPivot integration with the help of Vidas installation guide, after creating it locally I found out a VM with 2 GB of memory was too small. So I decided to try my luck at our server admins. They were so kind to create a machine for me on their farm 🙂 So having transfered my image to the ESX servers logging in to Remote desktop i was able to acces SharePoint like before. But ofcourse i wanted to share my SharePoint with PowerPivot installation with my colleagues and sales.

When i called SharePoint on its IP adress i got a log in screen. After logging in on the local domain SharePoint and the PowerPivot gallery showed Ok, but selecting the PowerPivot sheet gave a file not found error:


At first i suspected some kind of security problem, but after checking the log files i found the following error:

12/01/2009 13:19:38.29  w3wp.exe (0x010C)                        0x13E4 SharePoint Foundation          Configuration                  8059 Warning  Alternate access mappings have not been configured.  Users or services are accessing the site http://sp2010beta with the URL  This may cause incorrect links to be stored or returned to users.  If this is expected, add the URL as an AAM response URL.  For more information, see:″/> f998f54f-ab53-4f0d-afac-859a9c4e67b4

After consulting with colleague Marc Valk i added the hostname and IP adress to the host file of the server. In my case:      sp2010beta             sp2010beta

and gave a ipconfig /flushdns.

I added      sp2010beta to my local host file, restarted my IE and called the site by its hostname http://sp2010beta worked like a charm !

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