Can business intelligence really improve healthcare?

A question much asked, can business intelligence really improve healthcare?  The author of this US based firm can confirm BI realy does help the overall performance, patient satisfaction and help make better business operational decisions.

For example:

He provided several examples of how Intermountain uses BI to track operational performance in the emergency department, and various aspects of its staffing and clinical programs. Like many emergency departments, Intermountain “EDs” measure door-to-doctor time, in part to determine whether workflow improvements are necessary to reach its goals. The organization is in the enviable position of having a lot of patients coming through its doors, but that also places stress on hospital staff, including one whose door-to-doctor goal is 30 minutes.

The hospital in question hit the goal this year, but not before an intervention that resulted in improvements. “So we track this, and we understand how we can improve operations on a minute-by-minute basis,” Hansmann said.  

But on the other hand he keeps reminding us we have a long way to go:

“I think it’s a sad state of affairs that most of our grocery stores know more about us than our healthcare providers do,” Hansmann said.

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