CTP1 of PivotViewer for Reporting Services is live

Ok folks it is here, the CTP1 of PivotViewer for Reporting Services is ready for download. Check out the blog post of Cristian Petculescu from the team.

Get your free download from here.  It is a concept project. It’s not supported, and not a feature.

However, it is really cool! It allows you to easily create stunning visualizations on top of your BI data – and these visualizations are fully dynamic: you decide at runtime which subset of data you should see, it shows the actual live numbers, and you decide how much (meta)data you associate with each card. Also, all of the cards are generated by the service, so it is very convenient. Of course it comes with sample data, and a tutorial.

I installed it this morning, it’s not really hard. You need to have Sharepoint 2010, powerpivot server (AS for sharepoint), reporting services in sharepoint mode installed on your machine.

data sources that are supported:

Although, the typical scenario is for data to be in PowerPivot, and the PowerPivot server (Analysis Services 2008R2 in SharePoint mode) is a required prerequisite, the following data sources are supported:

  • Analysis Services 2008R2 (Adomd.NET provider)
  • SQL Server 2008 or later (SqlClient namespace)

This is what i made this morning using the sample app that is supplied:

Next up will be a short install tips document and then i will be creating my own PivotViewer app on top of PowerPivot.

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