Dashboarding with Excel and PowerPivot example dataset

I have had some questions about the example dataset that I used in the book and if this was publicly available. For the book I took the MecDatamarket database from the MS BI VPC and modified the data and loaded it into Access. You can download the access file here: https://www.kasperonbi.com/book/MecDataMarket.zip and you can download the workbook here: https://www.kasperonbi.com/book/dashboard%20wb.zip

All rights of this dataset are reserved to Microsoft.



  • Hi, I just downloaded the file from the url specified(http://1drv.ms/1miiVPG) and follow your book “How to Design and Create a Financial Dashboard with PowerPivot – End to End” page 23 steps to collect the data. I found the pivot table data for the sum of RevenueAmount of $57928870.16 as specified in the book is different from what was retrieved form the access data which is $58057881.68. I don’t know if I have downloaded the correct version of the data file or not. Please advise.

  • C Galarce

    I can’t download the files. Looks like the files are no longer there or they have expired. Or so says the error message.

    • hmm sorry to hear that. It still works for me. I’ll try later today from home again.

      • Zee

        I am unable to download as well. Is it available anywhere?

  • Philip

    Hi Kasper, love the book – would you mind checking the above posted link to the Access database, OneDrive is reporting it as broken. Many thanks!

    • hmm it works for me. Can you try again? If it still doesn’t work I need to look at an alternative.

      • Philip

        Hi, thanks for the reply – still no joy. I have tried on several computers, an Ipad & have used various browsers. Each time the access db link redirects to ‘https://onedrive.live.com/?v=error&type=linknotsupported’. The workbook link works perfectly though! Also MS seem to have pulled one of the links needed to get the complete BI VPC file(I assume it is version 5.1), so I am unable to get the original database. Appreciate any help!

      • Anthony Fawkes

        Hi Kasper, I’m in the uk and trying to download the access file which I’m getting the same error of file not supported can you point me in the direction of a different link please? Many thanks anthony

      • Philip

        Hi Kasper,

        Unfortunately I still get the below ‘Link does not work’ page when trying to download the access database. The onedrive link for the workbook does work. Do you have an alternative link for the database? Many thanks!

  • Martin R Nolan

    Hi Kasper, I just bought your book. Unfortunately, I am getting the same messages as reported below when I attempt to download either of the files.