DAX Error message

Have you ever written a DAX formula and gotten an error message you didn’t understand?

For instance:

“The end of the input has been reached” or
“A function ‘Calculate’ has been used in a true/false expression that is used as a table expression. This is not allowed.”

We’re looking at improving our error messages.  What are some of the common error messages that you see that you would like the Power Pivot team to make more understandable?

Take the survey here to give us input:


3 Replies to “DAX Error message

  1. Hi Kasper,

    What I would suggest related to the error message is this: When editing a formula in Visual Studio, if a specific syntax error occur, my formule is whiped out en the old version of the formula (before editing) comes back, without notice.

    Hopefully you’re team can fix this in a soon release. Thanks in advance!

    Regards, Niek de Wit

  2. Hi Kasper,

    maybe you also know the cause for the following error message:

    “Sorry, we can’t upgrade this workbook to Excel 2013. It was created in a version of PowerPivot for Excel that doesn’t support upgrade to Excel 2013.”

    Only about 80% of my workbooks do upgrade, they are all built with Excel 2010 and PowerPivot V2


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