Determine slicer (or visual) influence on other visuals in Power BI

Just a quick one today as I do get this questions every now and then: How can I change which slicers interacts with a visual? By default Power BI is very interactive, anything interacts with anything but in some cases you might not want this. Excel has this build into its slicer functionality since day one but Power BI only added this in early 2016 so I can imagine some folks missed it.

Let’s look a a scenario here where I have a report with the following visuals:


When I click on No Discount on top everything else automatically filters down:


Now imagine I want to turn off any the interactivity between the slicer and the “sales transaction” card.

First I go to the filter I want to turn off the interactivity, select format and then click on “Edit interactions”:



This now brings Power BI Desktop in a mode that allows me to turn on or off if this visual interacts with the others:



There are 3 options on each visual:

1 Filter: This filters the visual by the selected value in the filtered visual

2 Highlight: This highlights the visual by the selected value in the filtered visual, this is only available for visuals that can show highlights like tree map or chart.

3 None: This visual will not be filtered by any the selected value in the filtered visual

In this case I set the card to “None”, you immediately see the number goes up from 58K to 60K as it is no longer filtered to just show the sales transaction for “No Discount”:


Now I could go in and toggle the same setting for each individual visual if I want to get ultimate control.

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  1. Thanks for the post.

    I am not seeing highlight option when I want to edit interactions for slicer, however, for other visuals I can see highlight option. Can you tell me how to edit interaction of slicer to highlight on other visuals.

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