Do you have what it takes to become SSAS Maestro?

I wanted to share this cool program that will start in the next month: The SSAS Maestro program. There are more and more enterprises are using SSAS for large implementation, like Yahoo’s 12 TB SSAS cube as you could have seen on SQLPass. That means also that these large servers and cubes have to be maintained and developed as well. This asks for a more in depth knowledge only a few people in the world currently posses.

The new SSAS Maestro Program is a three-day, deep-dive course on Analysis Services 2008 R2 gives architects and consultants the education and hands-on experience needed to deliver highest scalable OLAP solutions.

Prepared and presented by top industry experts and the SQL Server Analysis Server team, this intensive course gives top SSAS professionals the education and hands-on experience needed to deliver highly complex and highly scalable OLAP solutions using Analysis Services 2008 R2. Today, there is increasing need for expertise to architect deliver and maintain mission critical OLAP deployments and the primary objective of this course is equip you with the latest SSAS best practices and case studies.

SSAS Maestro Program Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course, assessment and case study evaluation by industry experts, attendees will:

  • Be a part of the elite group of SSAS Maestros
  • Help Microsoft accounts teams deploy highly complex/highly large SSAS projects
  • Have access to webcasts and Q&A sessions on the learnings some of the most complex SSAS implementations directly from SQLCAT and the Analysis Services team
  • Be showcased on a special section within the Microsoft SQL Server Web page for the SSAS Maestros

As you can see this is not for the faint of hearts 🙂 You have to live and breathe SSAS for a few years to be able to pass this. So most candidates are known by Microsoft (local subsidiaries, SQLCat or the product team) and invited directly. This will help us spread the in depth knowledge of SSAS to our top partners who can share it further along.

Isn’t this very cool…

5 Replies to “Do you have what it takes to become SSAS Maestro?

  1. I always used to wonder why MCITP was the highest level of qualification in the BI side when you have the Master in SQL Server side… Now the SSAS maestro will bridge some of the gap, good move 🙂

  2. Hey,

    I am very intersted for this programe, infact I am eagerly waiting for a program like SQLServer MCM in Microsoft dataware hosuing tools. I would like to know more about these programme, the fees for the programme, when it starts, and any assistance for guys who are coming from out countries.

    Currently, I am residing in India, can you help me with details how can I take this course?

    Thanks & Regards,


  3. I want to know more about SSAS Maestro programe. Please let me know about the fees and how to enrol.


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