Everything Power BI Embedded with Ted Pattison

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Power BI embedded. Power BI is something that we don’t often think about as BI practitioners but can play a central part to extend Power BI in your own portal for users, partners and customers using your own UI and security systems while still levering all the cool capabilities of Power BI. With Power BI embedded you also extend and modify reports and datasets even further through code. In this episode we will discuss all of this in detail.

The expert on today’s episode is Ted Pattison, Ted is Principal Program Manager at the Microsoft Fabric CAT team and is a renowned expert on Power BI embedded and has been in the industry for several decades.

Your host is Kasper de Jonge, Principal Program manager on the Power BI\Fabric team at Microsoft.

This episode is also available as podcast on your favorite podcast provider like iTunes or Spotify.

Links from the episode:

Ted on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justyna-lucznik/

Power BI dev camp: https://www.powerbidevcamp.net/

Session 11: Developing with the App-Owns-Data Starter Kit

Session 20: Scaling Multi-tenant Solutions using Service Principal Profiles

Session 21: Report Authoring and Customization with Power BI Embedding

Session 25: Modern React-JS Development with Power BI Embedding

Session 26: Modern React-JS Development with App-Owns-Data Embedding

Session 27: Integrating Azure AD B2C with App-Owns-Data Embedding

Session 32: Design Guidelines and Best Practices with Power BI Embedding

Session 35 – Power BI Embedding Best Practices with the Power BI JavaScript API

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