Excel 2013, Power View, top 10, “long tail” and how DAX helps

Another post that I did on another blog, this time Robs blog, was the blog post below:

Ok its been a while since I blogged an actual scenario on PowerPivotPro but here is another one :)  . Its that time at the end of the year and folks here at Microsoft are out enjoying their vacation so lots of meetings get cancelled,  this gives me the opportunity to do one of the the things I love, helping users of our products get the solution they need and write some blog posts :) .

A few days ago I met a internal user who had 3 million rows of occurrences, products and dates in a SQL database and wanted to get some insights out of it, preferably in a highly visual output. We are fortunate here at Microsoft that we always get to play with the latest bits, so we have access to Excel 2013 that includes Power View.

In this blog post we will look at how we can show a top 10 list of best selling products in Power View and how we can solve a long tail problem that will allow us to visualize only the top best selling products in a chart and ignore the rest. I know these things are pretty straightforward in Excel (if you know where to find it) but it needs the help of DAX in Power View.

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7 Replies to “Excel 2013, Power View, top 10, “long tail” and how DAX helps

    1. Hi @Stotsky,
      If you are using Excel 64-bit and it reports that Silverlight isn’t installed, you can uninstall and reinstall Silverlight to ensure they have the 64-bit version. If not, you may need to open a case with CSS.

  1. Hi Kasper,

    I’m new in PowerView

    I am building some power views sheets, they get the data from a power pivot that is published on Share Point Server, so i use the Analisis Services conection for the data source, well when i build the first PowerView tab it works fine, but if I add a new Power it start getting down, and as soon I add new charts or any other object it doesn’t load the data Finally if I try to open it just does not load any of the sheets.

    Any advise you can help me will be helpfull



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