Excel XML Maps and Sharepoint




Sometimes you think you are onto something great but are thrown back by something unexpected. In this case I wanted to work with some XML files and import them into PowerPivot. For this I used the the Excel XML support to import a XML file and create a table from it. Loaded this data into PowerPivot and all looked well.

Until I uploaded this workbook to SharePoint:

“The workbook cannot be openend because it contains the following features that are not support by Excel in the browser: XML maps”

Ok now what ? Only one thing to do .. remove all the references to XML. So I deleted the table and the connection and uploaded the workbook again.

But alas still the same error message. What now ..  after searching the internet I found there is a special way to do this:


After I followec the steps suggested by the help file I could finally upload my workbook to SharePoint.