Gemini will ship as “SQL Server PowerPivot”

Microsoft just announced at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas this morning that project codename Gemini will ship as “SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel” and “SQL Server PowerPivot for Sharepoint”. And immediately launched the new site

Loads of information at the IT pro’s at PowerPivot datasheet.

  • “SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel” Is the Excel plugin to get new data analysis features on the desktop, business users can load very large data sets into memory and use powerful relational capabilities to create advanced analytics applications.
  • “SQL Server PowerPivot for Sharepoint”. Is when you deploy the excel plugin to SharePoint. PowerPivot encapsulates enterprise data to help centralize BI and data management while providing reliable access to it. The PowerPivot administrative dashboard even enables IT departments to monitor and manage shared applications for security, availability and performance. As you can see below:


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