Get ready for Master Data Services

Master Data is a very hot topic in the BI world, but it keeps being an elusive subject.  Microsoft have released a first answer to solve the master data problem with Master Data Services in SQL Server 2008 R2.

I have installed the tool but I am a little unsure what now .. this post will contain all links and observations i have read about Master Data Services, what it is and how to implement it.  When your read this and have more links please drop a comment with the link.

Two tips when you want to install MDS:

  • To install you need a 64 bits OS
  • The setup is separate from SQL Server in the Master Data Services folder

I hope this will get you started a bit on the concept of MDS. I myself find the product hard to understand, i have talked on this with MS and they agree and they try to address this very soon with some more publicity.

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    1. Hoi Rob,

      Bedankt, ik heb er overheen gelezen denk ik. Ik zal hem snel eens gaan lezen (komt op de stapel 🙂 )


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