Health 2.0, the new healthcare ?

Keeping track of the Healthcare industrie in the US is very intresting, for some time now the word “Health 2.0” keeps popping up. Just concluded in San Diego is the Health 2.0 Conference with some very good speakers and new idea’s.
But first what is “Health 2.0” ?
A definition from “Health 2.0 Definition: “New concept of healthcare wherein all the constituents (patients, physicians, providers, and payers) focus on healthcare value (outcomes/price) and use competition at the medical condition level over the full cycle of care as the catalyst for improving the safety, efficiency, quality of health care delivery.”
The following image is the most concise, or canonical representation of the Health 2.0 reform movement. While clear for those familiar with the source material, the image does require some explanation which is included below.
A few clarifying movies about Health 2.0 (from the conferance):
A few good links:

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