Just moved my blog to Project Nami (Azure WordPress using SQL Azure)

Update: I moved off it again after a year. I found the additional level of indirection through Azure and  perf not great compared to the cost. I now use a dedicated wordpress hoster.

I was finally fed up with the default Azure wordpress set up that uses a MYSQL database so I decided to switch to Project Nami. This is an open source spin off (fork) of  WordPress  that completly rewrote the data access layer to use SQL. Very cool.

To get started just go here http://projectnami.org/download/ and click “Deploy to Azure”, this will automatically deploy project nami to your Azure account. Next I moved my blog over following this blog post: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-properly-move-your-blog-from-wordpress-com-to-wordpress-org/.

Last I pointed my domains to the new Azure portal and done Smile.  I also changed the theme while I was at it (let me know what you think ..)

I hope this new effort will also make sure i’ll write more posts here soon, I have two on the list already.