Manage the sort order of your PowerPivot sheets in the SharePoint Gallery

I was playing around with my new SharePoint machine and when i openend the PowerPivot gallery i asked myself how can we manage the sort order of the powerpivot sheet ourselves. Luckily the PowerPivot gallery is a just a regular SharePoint list.

This is the gallery now: 

when you look at the list properties you see:

It will be sorted on the modified date. What we are going to do is add a new column to the list where we are going to sort on, click create column:

And add a new numeric column:

We have some default views available:

The All documents view shows us the list as a traditional list, click the modify view and select the sortorder to show up in the view. You now can edit the properties of an item and set the sortorder:

When you go back to the Gallery view, click modify view again and select the sortorder as column to sort on, this gives you your own way of sorting the gallery:

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