Master Data Management for PerformancePoint Server

Yesterday i read 2 great blogs about MDM and how Performance Point will benefit thereof. Microsoft purchased Stratature, a company that has focused on Master Data Management (MDM) software which will enhance the already great BI offerings from Microsoft.
A small excerpt from the blogs:
“Master Data Management (MDM) is defined as the technology, tools, and processes required to create and maintain consistent and accurate lists of master data.” The authors are also careful to point out, as is the Data Warehousing Institute, that the majority of organizations suffer from bad data for reasons that have nothing to do with technology. Causes include inaccurate reporting, disagreements over which data is appropriate, and incorrect definitions. Sometimes MDM becomes a company-wide effort and other times smaller efforts are made around key sources of Master Data until success justifies a stronger effort to include more of the organization’s data. “
Here is a diagram that may help folks conceptualize only one of the larger problems companies are having -that the MDM will fix.
PerformancePoint Planning and Monitoring allow you to pull data directly from the Master Data Management system; that is the “single version of the truth”. Also note that all departments have somebody that manages the master data from the front end interface.  These “managers of data” may contribute to the master data from a variety of sources.
Read the full blogposts here:

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