Microsoft a Leader in BI

The word comes straight from MS BI Blog:

For a second year running, Microsoft has been placed in the leaders quadrant of Gartner’s BI platform category in 2009.  

In the report, Gartner describes how BI platform revenue will be less effected by the current economic climate largely due to its impact to making fact-based decisions and making them fast! They also point out that CIOs are looking to invest in technologies that drive organizational transformation and strategic change. And… is there an echo in here? I think we’ve heard this before, but as a reminder, total cost of ownership continues to be a key theme. Given the current economic climate I’m sure we’ll be hearing it a lot more, “2009 is likely to be a critical year in which the total cost of ownership (TCO) of BI comes under increased scrutiny, and its value as a decision-making tool in the toughest economic conditions is put to the test.”


 Gartner states that Microsoft is uniquely positioned to offer this much needed lower cost solution, “Microsoft’s pricing and packaging of its BI platform make it an attractive proposition for organizations new to BI or firms that are looking to reduce their portfolio of BI tools and lower their annual software maintenance bills.”

read the full post at msdn.


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