Microsoft Single View Platform

The Single View Platform is not a new product in itself, but rather a group of existing products brought together under a banner for a specific problem domain (like CSP).  For SVP it brings in Virtual Earth, SQL, SharePoint, PerformancePoint and a whole host of other products.  The advantages of this approach were rather nicely summed up on another blog:

For those of us who have chosen the Microsoft platform, the good news is that we have many products from which to choose. Microsoft has an array of server and client products, as well as online services, that cover everything from collaboration to commerce, business intelligence to geographical information systems, personal productivity to accounting.
Sometimes the sheer number of choices can be daunting, so Microsoft is initiating new offerings that help us weave the various products into cohesive solutions. The goal is to bridge the gaps between product groups and provide additional documentation and code to integrate multiple Microsoft products.

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