Mobile Microsoft BI on windows phone 7

I just installed a great BI app on my Windows phone 7 called BlueGranite Nitro.  It’s a free app you can use on top of an XML file (SSRS report’s can generate one for your !). And the best thing is it is for free !

Here is how it looks:

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Awesome, right ?!?

All you have to do is create a Reporting services report that has the data you want to analyze on your phone:

All you have to do is: point to the report in the BI app, add the XML renderformat parameters to transform the report into XML and you are done ! This gives us a lot possibilities, you can base your report on top of SQL, SSAS, PowerPivot or whatever you like. You can have your data cached or refreshed every few minutes.

Unfortunately I don’t have a outfacing RS myself to try my own reports on my phone but this app seems very promising.


Today I found a walk through on what you need to do to create a SSRS report that renders specific charts, you really need this when you want to build a report on your own:

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