MS Bi Conference 2010

This weekend i returned from the MS BI conference. For me it has been a week of introductions and great conversations. Ofcourse meeting Rob Collie, Vidas Matelis, Marco Russo,Alberto Ferrari, Stacia Misner, and Andrew Brust for the first time. I also meet a lot of the great folks from the Microsoft AS en RS teams,  talking to them was great and valuable.

As my fellow PowerPivot bloggers already blogged on the TechEd i am not going to repeat them 🙂

What you didn’t see yet was something on the Pivot viewer. The Pivot viewer is a data visualization tool in silverlight, build on top of project Pivot.Currently it is just a experimental project and it takes a lot of work to attach the viewer to the data. But it sure looks great:

Fortunately the guys from MS have build a tool that can help in populating the data which will be available in the next 30 days.I hope to have an up and running sample very soon and make a blog post on it.

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