Must read book: Next Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight

The thing i’ve been waiting for to surface is the use of Silverlight in BI. Bart Czernicki has released a book describing the combination of BI and Silverlight, a thing I’m very interested in!

What will you learn from investing in this resource?

Covering the entire scope of BI and applying these concepts to Silverlight applications is simply not realistic in one single resource.  Even if I had the option of writing 750 pages or more, important facets of BI would be missed.  Therefore, I decided to focus on the presentation tier of Business Intelligence applications.   For example, I didn’t think it was fair to focus on the data and services tier with these technologies going through a rapid implementation and tooling evolution (RIA Services, WCF REST, Oslo, ADO.NET Data Services 1.5, etc.).  However, Silverlight’s rendering and client processing engine is mature enough to warrant a guide on how to implement client-side BI concepts.  Therefore, topics like visual intelligence, data visualizations, predictive analytics, collective intelligence, interactive tools, parallel computing, working with large data sets, etc., are covered in my book on the presentation tier.

This book has three intended audience segments and their goals:

  • Silverlight Developers – Learn how to extend your Silverlight knowledge in real-world applications.  Learn the basics of Business Intelligence 2.0.
  • Business Intelligence Professionals – Get a better understanding of how Silverlight can help you overcome some of the challenges to implement simple BI tools.
  • Strategic Decision Makers (architects, CIO, technical director, etc.) – Understand if Silverlight is the right platform to deliver BI software.

Read the entire release post here:

Announcing Next Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight

This is one book I will order asap!

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