My PowerPivot CTP3 is expired, what to do.

Many of you will see this error today: “Your beta software has expired. Use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove the beta software from your computer. After the beta software is uninstalled, you can install a more recent version.”. It appears the PowerPivot addin from the Nov. CTP is no longer working as of April 1st 2010.

No answer from Microsoft as of yet. A temporary workaround is to set your system date to anywhere before April 1st 2010. This will make it possible to work with PowerPivot CTP again. Let’s hope MS gives us a new version of the CTP.

Check out this MSDN forum for the latest info.

Update 1:
To change time in R9.2 virtual machine for Hyper-V the solution is to open Settings for VM, select “Integration Services” and clear check-box “Time synchronization”.

Update 2: On twitter “Friends, we’re working on a solution to #Powerpivot CTP3 expiration date issue. Please stay tuned… Thanks”

Update 3: Microsoft just released a new version of CTP3 with a longer expiration date. Download it now at

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