New book “The Absolute Guide to Dashboarding and Reporting with Power BI” is now available.

I am very happy that my new book has been released today! This is a brand new update to the book I released 5 years and now covers everything Power BI. You can order the ebook (a DRM-free copy of the book in all three popular e-book formats: PDF, ePub and Mob) or printed version directly from the publisher here. You can also get it on Amazon of course but the prices are a bit higher there and only open on Kindle or Kindle app.

The new version of the book is an update to the previous one that covered Excel and Power Pivot and v1 of Power BI. In the new book I provides a practical step by step guide on creating a financial dashboard using Power BI desktop and the service.


The book contains 6 chapters:

  • 1 Introduction. Here I introduce the book, business intelligence and provide some history on Power BI
  • 2 Understanding Dashboards and Report. Here we talk about what dashboards and reports are and how they are used in Power BI. Finally we talk about how to decide what to put on your reports and dashboards.
  • 3 Collecting and preparing data. Here we install Power BI desktop, import data into Power BI and do some mashup using Power Query. We also discuss data modelling tips and tricks and start with some DAX (can’t have a book without DAX right :)).
  • 4 Building the main report. Here we will create the main report in Power BI Desktop, using the data model he set up in Chapter 3. We create various data visualizations needed for his report (and talk about which visualization to use when).
  • 5 Building detailed reports. Here we dive into more detailed report building with more DAX examples, sync slicer, custom visuals defining crossfiltering.
  • 6 Sharing dashboards and reports within and organization. In this Chapter we are going to upload our report to and collaborate with others on our solution using workspaces. Finally we will distribute it to the users in our organization with Apps.

This will provide a full end to end overview of all the steps in Power BI including downloads for all the steps and samples. I hope you enjoy it!

7 Replies to “New book “The Absolute Guide to Dashboarding and Reporting with Power BI” is now available.

  1. Nice job , thanks for this scientigic articles , but There is no way to download this book , im from iran and we cant pay with paypall and other accounts , i need this book , how i can download it ?

  2. Kasper,

    What data source do you use?
    Can you give us a link please
    What about the power bi files that uses in this book?

    Oded Dror

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