New job: I’m joining the SSAS team as Program manager

I’m very proud and pleased to announce that I’ll be joining Microsoft as Program manager for the SSAS team as of November 1st. This means some big changes for me, first of all  I’ll be moving from the Netherlands to Redmond to work at MS HQ.

In Redmond i’ll be joining the SSAS team to work on the next versions of PowerPivot and SSAS. I really love the concept of Self service BI and of course PowerPivot, this will give me the opportunity to help shape the future of Self Service BI. The funny thing is that I actually will fill the job opening that was created by Rob leaving the SSAS team.

What will this mean for this blog
Fortunately, nothing. This blog is a personal blog, paid for and maintained by me. I will try to stay very active not only on the current version but also in beta’s. We’ll see where I can find the time to blog. I love the sql/bi community so I want to keep that up while working for Microsoft, at what capacity we’ll have to find out.

What is a Program manager
A program manager is a lot of functions combined in one, gathering information from partners, MVP’s and you guys, write functional specs,  a project manager, working with the dev team, validating the product after the design and evangelize the product, and a bunch of other tasks, for more info see this blog post: How to be a program manager.

I’m looking forward to the exciting time ahead and be your voice on the product team!

21 Replies to “New job: I’m joining the SSAS team as Program manager

  1. Ook langs deze weg (en ik doe het lekker in het Nederlands want dat ben je immers) van harte gefeliciteerd!! Ik wens je veel succes en heb er alle vertrouwen in dat self-service BI bij jou in goede handen is!

  2. As I am proud on you as my good collegeau and friend, I am still a bit angry on you leaving NL for the US.
    Still I wish you all the best, and hope we will stay in contact (I know it will be less contact over the years, but let’s try to keep it up a bit 🙂 0

  3. Kasper , just Congrats and Good Luck out there! Hope to see you again in the NL telling about the PowerPivot!

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