New role, new location

Recently I started at a new role in the Microsoft BI team as part of the customer engagement team, while it is still part of the larger BI product team at Microsoft it is no longer a active product development role. I loved working on amazing products like PowerPivot, SSAS Tabular, Power BI content packs and the Power BI desktop. I feel great knowing this is out there in the market and people love it and I like to believe I was able to make a difference on these products :).

But everything comes to an end and it was time for me to do something else. With the new team I will be interacting more directly with customers again and be a bridge between them and the Microsoft BI product groups. I will support them and the Microsoft field on larger implementations of the Microsoft BI stack, from SSAS to Power BI and take the feedback and issues directly back to the Product group. The other thing I will be doing in my new role is share the knowledge and things we learn directly with you, our community, through blogging, sessions, webinars, whitepapers and so on.  As you might have noticed I changed the URL for the blog to to get rid of a product name like PowerPivot or PowerBI and make it more general BI, but the idea is that I will do more blogging again!

Now the last (big) change is that I will be no longer working for Microsoft in Redmond but I will be moving back the Netherlands soon to work for the Power BI team from there. So I will mostly focus on European customers and conferences but I will come back to the US every now and then (for example for SQLPASS).

I am really excited to take this new direction with the Power BI team and be able to do it from the place I call home!

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  1. Congratulations Kasper! From my brief experience with you at the MS Data Insights Summit, I can say you are excellent at working with customers! Best of luck to you in your new role.

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