Bulk assign Power BI licenses using Azure AD

Another interesting question that I got earlier this week is how to assign bulk Power BI licenses to users based on their group membership. Fortunately this turns out to be rather straight forward, as with many cases the fact that Power BI is build on top of the Azure Stack helps us out yet again. Today we will be using Azure AD Premium and the Enterprise Mobility Suite to achieve our goal. Read more

Power BI security enhancements with Azure AD conditional access

Just a quick blog post today to highlight one of the Power BI integration points that we get “for free” being part of the overall Microsoft clouds infrastructure. One of the coolest things to come out of the Azure AD area is what they call Azure AD Conditional access. I know this is already talked about before but I think it is worth highlighting a bit more. By configuring this you can control under which... Read more

Automatically apply filters to your report per user

This was an interesting case I did a while ago where they wanted to have a report that automatically provided a set of filters to the users, but not just any filters, no special filters tailored to them based on location and position in the organization. In this blog post we’ll look at how you can achieve this using RLS without actually securing the data. Before we start let’s look at the end result, on... Read more

Disable Power BI Workspace or group creation for certain users or groups

One of the questions that I get asked sometimes is how to prevent users from creating groups / workspaces in Power BI. I recently found out this is actually possible and we’ll in this blog on how you can set that up. But before we continue it is good understand how workspaces in PowerBI currently work. Whenever you create a workspace it automatically creates a group in Azure AD and Office 365 with the same... Read more

New SSAS memory usage report using Power BI

I have created several version of the SSAS memory usage report here and here. But with the new 1200 compatibility level these memory reports stopped working due to the DMV’s not working anymore for these databases. So I decided it would be time to create a new one for all models with compatibility 1200 and up (so not for anything smaller then 1200), this time of course using Power BI. Here I can also use... Read more