Dynamic relationships based on the selection

Got an interesting question recently where someone wanted to be able to switch the relationships automatically based on which slicer was selected. Take the following example: Here we have the same customer slicer shown twice, in this case we want to slice by customer but if the user uses the ‘baseline customer’ slicer the data should only filter on the ‘Baseline customer’ table and ignore the ‘Real customer’ slicer regardless if it is set. First... Read more

Dynamically switching axis on visuals with Power BI

An interesting visualization pattern I have seen is that some customers want to be able to switch the axis on the chart dynamically using a slicer. Let’s take a simple model like this: where I want to be able to dynamically change the axis of my chart to be Currency, Country or Region using a slicer. Today that is not possible out of the box because you cannot have a single slicer crossing different table.... Read more

Using CUSTOMDATA and On-Premises SSAS with Power BI Embedded

Another Power BI embedded blog post while I have a playground up and running. Often when you want to use SSAS with Power BI embedded you have a “authentication issue”. Power BI and SSAS both leverage AD so that means that any user you pass from Power BI to SSAS needs to be known in AD. Now that is great in enterprise scenario’s where this usually is the case (and even required) but for ISV’s... Read more