Setting up translations for datasets in Power BI premium

One request that comes up a lot is to be able to provide translations for the tables and columns of your model (especially here in Europe). Up until now this was not possible in Power BI as there was no UI for it. The new XMLA read/write feature changed all of this. As you probably know in SSAS Tabular this is already possible. The new XMLA endpoint makes any Power BI dataset into a SSAS... Read more

Debug Power BI aggregations with DAX Studio

A quick post today. Sometimes you will be mystified why your aggregations are not getting hit. There is no clear-cut answer to why. The best way to find the underlying cause of this is to debug it. Our friends at DAX Studio have made this quite easy 🙂 so let’s dive in. I have a model with Sales and a Sales aggregation table: I have set up aggregations to be used. Now to test if... Read more

How to change the dataset script in Power BI desktop

I recently on some internal email by the developers where they mentioned something, offhand, what I think is amazing :). It will allow you to add measures by copy and pasting and many more quick updates through text. Best of all it turns out there is a straightforward way to change the script in your Power BI file by hand. At this moment this is still in preview and not documented so your mileage might... Read more

Dynamic formatstrings with Calculation groups

One of the cool things of calculation groups is they cannot just be used to apply a calculation over your “base measure” but also apply a dynamic formatstring. You could do this without calculation groups before too as I described here. This method had one big drawback though, it uses the FORMAT function and when doing that all results are transformed into strings. This does help in showing the right format, but you lose a... Read more

Adding calculation groups to (A)AS or PBI Premium

I was playing around with calculation groups for a question. I found that adding a calculation group is not that straightforward as it should be, so I decided to blog about it to help you along. What are calculation groups? First let’s talk a little bit about calculation groups itself. Calculation groups is one of the most notable features for Tabular models in a long long time. In short it allows you to change measure... Read more

Get the SQL Query used in DirectQuery mode

When you are optimizing your DirectQuery model and you have done all the optimizations on the model already, you might want to run the queries generated by Power BI by your DBA. He then might be able to do some index tuning or even suggest some model changes. But how do you capture them? There are a few simple ways that I will describe here. 1 Use DAX studio and Power BI desktop We will... Read more

Show values in a chart only when a slicer is selected

Quick one today. This question came up recently: “I only want to show values in a chart when someone selected a slicer”. Now this is actually not that hard, so here is the trick (and a little bonus too). First I created a page I wanted it including the slicer: Now the next thing I want is that the values of the visual only show when I select a country. First thing I do is... Read more

5 reasons to use aggregations in Power BI

A lot has already been written on aggregations and it is one of the most exciting features of Power BI in a while. The guys at SQLBI did a session on it and my colleague Phil Seamark wrote an amazing host of articles with many details and tips and tricks on it. So why another article? Most people think aggregations is only applicable to petabyte scale data sets. That doesn’t have to be the true... Read more