Creating a Hyperlink with filters through DAX

Thanks to two recent Power BI features it now possible to generate a link on the fly using DAX to go to a new report and pass in any filters. (Alsop imagine linking to your favorite SSRS report !) In this blog post we will create a DAX formula that generate a hyperlink based on the filters in the report. The measure contains 2 parts, the first part is generating the right url to the... Read more

Showing KPI’s in a table or Matrix with Power BI

Got a question today on how we can do KPI’s in the matrix or table with Power BI, just like we can with PowerPivot through the KPI functionality there.  This is where the great SVG trick from David Eldersveld comes into play, you can read all about it here in his blog posts: and this post by Chris Webb with even more cool examples. In this case I am using his trick and a post I... Read more

Sorting by a measure not part of the visual in Power BI

Every now and then this request comes up, I want to sort by a measure that is not part of the visual. Even though it is not “visualization” best practice sometimes the job requires it anyway . So lets start with the simple one, I want to sort a chart on a measure not part of the visual. Let’s take this visual: Now instead of sorting by OrderQuantity I want to sort by the ListPrice.... Read more

Dynamic relationships based on the selection

Got an interesting question recently where someone wanted to be able to switch the relationships automatically based on which slicer was selected. Take the following example: Here we have the same customer slicer shown twice, in this case we want to slice by customer but if the user uses the ‘baseline customer’ slicer the data should only filter on the ‘Baseline customer’ table and ignore the ‘Real customer’ slicer regardless if it is set. First... Read more

Dynamically switching axis on visuals with Power BI

An interesting visualization pattern I have seen is that some customers want to be able to switch the axis on the chart dynamically using a slicer. Let’s take a simple model like this: where I want to be able to dynamically change the axis of my chart to be Currency, Country or Region using a slicer. Today that is not possible out of the box because you cannot have a single slicer crossing different table.... Read more