Beyond Business Intelligence @ Microsoft CEO Summit

During the CEO summit, an annual tradition that Bill Gates started in 1997 to bring together the worlds business leaders, a considerable amount of time was spent discussing the power and value of Business Intelligence.  Jeff Teper demonstrated the power of an integrated platform, supporting the various roles within an organization, and the power that this integrated platform can enable organizations today.   Read more at the microsoft BI Blog Read more

How We Did It: Australia National Native Title Tribunal website in Sharepoint

The National Native Title Tribunal of Australia assists people to resolve native title issues over land and waters. Set up under the Native Title Act 1993, the Tribunal is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency and is part of the Attorney General’s portfolio. The Tribunal needed to upgrade its website, they decided to develop the new website using MOSS 2007. Read how they did it at the MS sharepoint Blog. Read more

What Web 2.0 Means for Hardware and the Datacenter

Tomshardware has a nice article about the changes in harware land, like we see on the internet with web 2.0. More and more companies embrace a Web 2.0-style approach to hardware. So far, with Google leading the way, most companies have opted for a commodity server setup. HP and IBM however are betting that an even better setup exists and are striking out to find it.   read it at tomshardware.   Read more

Provision smartpart (or other custom webparts) with a site definition (onet.xml)

Smartpart uses some custom properties to point to the usercontrol. I found a really simple trick to find the code you need to embed to you onet.xml.   Just open your sharepoint site, add smartpart to a webzone, make your smartpart settings. Go to Edit -> Export. Save the file as a XML file. Copy everything excluding the first line and past it into your onet.xml in the CDATA part of your AllUsersWebPart. Et voila your custom webpart is ready... Read more

the power of predictive analytics, Crossing the Analytics Chasm

While reading a TWDI report article i came across another very interesting article about the the power of predictive analytics. A small intro: “The basics of building a great, successful, and sustainable business are simple: Build products that customers want to buy; make sure you offer more value than the competition; price your products appropriately to drive demand from customers; and maximize your profit. The reality is considerably more difficult: What products do customers really... Read more

2008 TDWI BI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report

The 2008 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report TDWI survey is a very interesting report that gives us some more insight in the way BI business now a days, although it’s very US specific for us Europeans still very interesting. Download it here: A great article about the report with more insights: DW SALARIES REMAIN STRONG Read more

WSSv3 Using a custom topnavbar using XMLSitemap

After provisioning the site as seen in: How to provision a site (with master page and default.aspx) in WSSv3 using a site definition I want to add a custom menu to the topnavbar. I decided to use the XmlSiteMapProvider so I can use a simple XML file to define the menu layout. When you want to use a custom XML you have to add a value to the web.config of the sharepoint site to point... Read more

WSSv3, Provisioning a site (with master page and default.aspx) using a site definition

I have to create a site in Sharepoint (Wss) with a default pages in complete custom layout and custom menu and it has to be created as a package so the Wss site can be deployed to multiple sites. I started by developing the master page with heather solomon’s simple masterpage as basis, Then i decided to develop a few features to deploy the master page, install the menu and provision a few standard pagelouts... Read more