Custom Master Pages and Site Definitions in WSSv3

After playing with features to provision a site to SharePoint i came across a few problems (like provisioning default.aspx) and a few problems which are solvable with features but feel like a hack. I decided to look at “site definitions” and it works like a charm. So i would recommend using a site definition when you are creating a site from scratch. The definition is focused in one big XML file (ONET.XML).   These blog posts helped... Read more

Great Silverlight 2 Demo: Healthcare Demonstrator

I found a great Silverlight 2 Healthcare demo on the Tim Sneath blog. Whether or not you’re involved in the healthcare sector, this demo does a great job of showing how Silverlight 2 can transform web-based application development. We’re already starting to see many real-world applications using Silverlight 2, even in its beta 1 stage; I’ll post a list of the best ones I’ve collected before the end of the week. With a beta 2... Read more

WSS v3 Master Page Selector Feature

Those involved with SharePoint 2007 have no doubt by now noticed that MOSS 2007 allows you to select a master page via the browser while standard WSS v3 installations do not.   Not to worry though, an feature which gives you the ability to change the master page in WSS v3 is available.    Get the WSS v3 Master Page Switcher Feature Here.   Read more

Including Child Members Multiple Places in a Parent-Child Hierarchy

“When designing your SQL Server 2005 (or 2008) Analysis Services solution, you may be faced with the design requirement to display multiple hierarchies in a parent-child dimension. A common implementation that we have seen is the use of custom rollups to accomplish this task. However, we have seen performance issues with this implementation when implemented at scale. For example, in one site that we worked with recently, certain MDX queries took almost a full minute... Read more

Data Mining applied to medical research

While browsing the SQL CAT site i found a intresting link to a nice real world sample of the use of Data Mining.   Zach Owens had interviewed Denny Lee from the SQL CAT team to discuss data mining tools and techniques being applied to academic research conducted on Asthma patients.  For more information, check out the webcast on Channel 8.   Read more

Volta – Wrapping the Cloud with .NET

With the dutch DevDays comming up at the end of may, I want to get your attention to a new cool Microsoft technology named Volta. They will have a session about it at the second day.   What is Volta? From the official Volta site where you can download it: “The Volta technology preview is a developer toolset that enables you to build multi-tier web applications by applying familiar techniques and patterns. First, design and build... Read more