The Next Level of Data Visualization

A great post on the BI blog which shows us the next level of BI on internet. This sample shows virtual Earth and PerformancePoint Server together? How about a geospatial solution on steroids? Together the two technologies expand what is possible with BI and data visualization and offer a way to monitor performance, locations, and make better, faster and more relevant decisions allowing the business to plan more rapidly, act more quickly, ensure the achievement... Read more

Back to work, a silverlight holiday photo slide show

After a 3 week holiday to Mexico, Guatamala, Honduras and Belize it’s back to work, with tons of blog posts and mails to read.   To show my photos in a nice resolution i decided to make  a holiday photo slide show in Silverlight based on Slide.Show from codeplex.   See the result here (comments in dutch):  Read more

Static Classes in Javascript

With the rise of AJAX and Google Api’s javascript is hot again, with the new scriptmanager of ASP.NET it is very easy to integrate javascript with server side code.   Today I encountered a Static Function in javascript, my collegues and i were unsure how to use this. It is pretty easy once you know it. The code is as below:   /** * Static class for handling test creation. * @class */                     function testClass() {}   /*Static function*/testClass.getInfo=... Read more

How to pass initialization params to a Silverlight 2 app

Last week i tried to pass some parameters to my Silverlight app when embedding it to my page. After some extended searching last week and not finding it i decided to try again today, i found it at a MS  blog: How to pass initialization params to a Silverlight 2 app   In short: Declare the initParams param on the Silverlight plug-in and pass in a comma-delimited set of key-value pair tokens. For e.g. “key1=value1,key2=value2,key3=value3”.... Read more

Future reporting with Dundas (SQL Server 2008)

In SQL Server 2008 Micrsoft starts with the integration of the newly acquired Dundas in Reporting Server. I decided to take a look at their website and it looks really great. You can create reports like:   Click here for a great live sample. It looks really great, i hope they integrated all the dundas products in SQL 2008. I know some of them are in the CTP.   Read more

Client-Side Web Service Calls with javascript (AJAX)

Today i came across a simple method of using webservices as a local function in client side code. It uses the ScriptManager control installed by ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Web applications.   for example you use the followin code to the ASPX to embed the webservice :           In javascript you can now the full named webservice: function OnLookup(){             var stb = document.getElementById(“_symbolTextBox”);    MsdnMagazine.StockQuoteService.GetStockQuote(    stb.value, OnLookupComplete, OnError);}   A very nice feature which makes... Read more

Silverlight 2.0 and network cross domain calls

After reading Scott Guthries silverlight 2.0 using networking to retrieve data and populate a datagrid tutorial I decided to try and make a little Silverlight 2.0 banner that displays my recent tracks from the Last.FM through their great  webservices with some nifty graphics. I decided to use the same code as Scott and use the WebClient class to download the xml asynchronously. After implementing and running the code I get a “Security Error” exception on DownloadStringAsync. It... Read more

Microsoft speaks healthcare (MS HealthVault)

While browsing some healthcare blogs i came across a nice interview of Matthew Holt from with Microsoft.   From the blog: “Microsoft has made some big strides in health this past year. You can easily argue that a) its search has outpaced Google (following the acquisition of Medstory), b) that it’s making strides in the provider market with the renamed Amalga (although that’s leading to a strategic question about whether they’re really going to be... Read more