A Reporting System Architecture

A nice article about different solutions to setting up a reporting system architecture: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Reporting+System/61688/   “Over the past some years as a developer and database wonk, I have worked at numerous companies. Every time I change jobs, it seems that I am faced with the same classic OLTPOLAP delimma; the current OLTP system is experiencing performance degredation due to the fact that it is also being used to support reporting needs. To solve this problem,... Read more

Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 5.1

Microsoft has posted a BI VPC that is full loaded with all of the BI components on their download site.  There are two links and a couple of files that you will need to download to extract the VPC.  The total download is a little over 4GB and the extracted VHD is around 15GB.  According to the readme file the OS is setup to expire on 3/5/2009.    Here is what is included on the... Read more

Online PerformancePoint Server (PPS) 2007 Training

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet there is some free training available online (videos and downloadable slides).  In order to download the workbooks you might be prompted to install the latest version of the .NET Framework (3.5).  If I recall correctly, this install required a reboot on my laptop.  Here is what is available in regards to training and I add the duration of the videos so you can plan... Read more

Microsoft Business Intelligence Screencasts

check the Channel9 Wiki:SQLServer for a serie of intresting BI screencast.   “The screencasts are part of developer training workshop built on SQL Server 2005 that has been delivered around the globe by Microsoft and Microsoft Partners. This training event takes the student through the Microsoft BI Platform giving a BI Developer the introduction and basic comfort needed to tackle a BI project using Microsoft technology. Although these screencast were built on SQL Server 2005 these... Read more

Reporting Services Scripter

I found a great new tool, although it exists since 2005, for scripting Reporting Services.   Reporting Services Scripter is a .NET Windows Forms application that enables scripting and transfer of all Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services catalog items to aid in transferring them from one server to another. It can also be used to easily move items on mass from one Reporting Services folder to another on the same server. Depending on the scripting options... Read more

SQL Server 2008: Change Data Capture (CDC)

One of the new features within SQL Server 2008 is the Change Data Capture (CDC).  CDC is designed to capture insert, update and delete activity on a SQL table and place the information into a separate relational table.  It uses an asynchronous capture mechanism that reads the transaction logs and populates the CDC table with the row’s data which change.  The CDC table mirrors the column structure of the tracked table, together with metadata regarding... Read more