Windows Presentation Foundation Data Binding

This week i have a .NET 3.5 WPF course by the good people of U2U. One of the most interesting new things is Data Binding.   A short introduction: Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF; formerly Avalon) introduces a profound new way to develop user interfaces for rich clients. For the first time, WPF separates design of the user interface from the code. This separation means that, much like ASP.NET, your markup is typically in one... Read more

Ten Characteristics of a Good KPI

There’s a lot of talk these days about key performance indicators (KPIs). They are the backbone of scorecards and dashboards, which have become an irresistible way for organizations to present performance information to executives and staff. Unfortunately, BI developers seem to focus more on creating visual metaphors (dials, gauges, arrows, etc.) than understanding what constitutes a good KPI that delivers long-term value to the organization.   Part of the problem is that people use the... Read more

SQL 2008 February CTP available

Microsoft has announced the release of a new feature complete SQL Server 2008 CTP, try it online for free on the SqlServerBeta site or at the MS connect site. I’ve played with it a little and found the new report designer to still be a preview version with some strange behavior. BIDS seems stable and the report project environment  is nice, too bad the wizard isn’t there (yet i hope). The new reporting services configuration manager had... Read more

Opening a Cube from Sharepoint issues

I made a connection to AS in Excel and published this connection as a ODC file to SharePoint as mentioned in a previous blog post. But when i openend the file connection by clicking itm i got a warning: “Excel was unable to get necessary information about this cube. The cube might have been reorganized or changed on the server”.   After some searching with MS i found a solution: I tried tuning the... Read more

Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services

When you want to analyse a cube in sharepoint from excel services you need to create a data connection file and publish it to SharePoint, see the following Blog post for a walk through: One note, it is stated in the above walk through you need to save the file and upload it to the data connection folder, but its easyer to save it to the data connection folder at once. Read more