Using Toggling in Reports

When using the Report designer you can enable fancy toggeling of fields. Once you know the trick its realy easy.   Make sure you have multiple fields in rows or columns. Select the field you want to toggle and go to edit group and the tab visibilty, put it on visiblity hidden and check the “visibility can be toggled by another report item” box and select the parent report item you want to toggle. Thats all there... Read more

Using a Report Model from SharePoint in Report Designer (BIDS)

Today i tried to get my Report designer to work with a Report Model that was published to a SSRS in integrated mode. Ok i found this handy page from MS Working with Report Model Query Designer. Well that was simple .. o no it wasn’t we dont have a “Server=http://reportserver;” anymore in MOSS integrated mode.   After some fruitless tweaking the datasource i went to the net and i found a MSDN blog post:... Read more

The Ebook reader: the future of reading

The ebook reading devices keep me interested, a small follow-up on my blog An ebook reader i want one.   Yesterday word got out that amazon bought audible and it got me thinking about the future of reading.. of course i started googeling and found a great blog post about it: The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts)   These kind of things keep me from ordering one, although i am greatly fascinated about... Read more

Report designing in SQL 2008

Brian Welckers blog talks about the SQL 2008 Report builder. A great article about what to expect in 2008: Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (What’s up with Report Builder?)   You can also take a look at the TechNet Webcast: Rich Report Design with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.   These 2008 features look very promising, gonna install the CTP very soon and take a look myself. Read more

SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting services integration

First this very nice screencast from the guys at MS: It has very nice demos and discussion also includes the what, why, when and where of SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting services integration, data and collaborative tools all working together.  His talk also includes information about the BDC, or the Business Data Catalog.   see:   I also found a very nice HTML walkthrough:   Update: I found a whitepaper from Microsoft: 2007... Read more

Introduction to Reporting Services Webcast Series On Demand

The great webcast series on SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services is now available on demand. Session One: Introduction. This webcast gives a flavor of the entire report lifecycle: report design, report management, and report delivery. Session Two: Delivering reports. This webcast is about ways to get reports to users. I showed an ASP.NET application that integrates with a report by linking to a report URL, a Windows Forms application that called the web service to browse... Read more

A Reporting System Architecture

A nice article about different solutions to setting up a reporting system architecture:   “Over the past some years as a developer and database wonk, I have worked at numerous companies. Every time I change jobs, it seems that I am faced with the same classic OLTPOLAP delimma; the current OLTP system is experiencing performance degredation due to the fact that it is also being used to support reporting needs. To solve this problem,... Read more