SQL Server 2008: Change Data Capture (CDC)

One of the new features within SQL Server 2008 is the Change Data Capture (CDC).  CDC is designed to capture insert, update and delete activity on a SQL table and place the information into a separate relational table.  It uses an asynchronous capture mechanism that reads the transaction logs and populates the CDC table with the row’s data which change.  The CDC table mirrors the column structure of the tracked table, together with metadata regarding... Read more

Restricting data in a Report to specific Users

I hear this question a lot: how can i restrict my data in my report to a specific users, there are a couple of ways to approach this: You can send the current user running the report to the Query/Stored procedure as parameter. Go to the datasource and add a parameter, e.g. @UserID with as value User!UserID. Now the current user is available to the database. If you want to get the login that is... Read more

Data quality, the next big thing

2008 could well be the year where data quality will be the next big thing. As more and more companies use data for all sorts of applications, it will be more and more important to make sure this data is of good quality.   Data Quality expert Larry English has claimed data quality is the second biggest threat to human kind, after global warming. Even with this bold statement he makes some good arguments, like: “Poor... Read more

BI Predictions for 2008

I read this great article from Mike Schiff about the BI Predictions for 2008.   In a nutschell these items will be leading in 2008:– Industry Consolidation Will Continue– BI Deployment Will Become Easier– The Open Source Market Will Grow– Data Mining Usage Will Grow   Read more at: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2007 and Predictions for 2008   In another article on the same site a lookback on the turbulent BI year 2007... Read more

Get a Report to report data over multiple pages

We use a report we export to Excell, the first page contains aggregates and then a SubReport with the details in different tabs (or pages if you export to something else).   You can do this by creating one report that contains all of the reports you want to export as subreports. Since the only way to create multiple tabs in an Excel workbook is to set a page break at the start or end of a... Read more

Creating a “Horizontal” table in a Report

Ok yesterday i got a request for a report, our customer wants the same report as usual just data and some percentages over a total. Piece of cake, but then “Ow yeah he wants them over a dynamic amount of Countrys shown horziontally”. My heart dropped. Horizontal tables .. in reporting server .. no way.   So when i got back to my workplace i started googling inmediatly, after some fruitless attempts i found the... Read more

Index out of bounds when previewing report

While previewing my report i got a “An unexpected error occurred in Report Processing. Index was outside the bounds of the array.”. I couldn’t  my out of bounds index anywhere. The Index error exception popped up when i added a new field to the report and hit “View Report”. Apparently the report caches these columns in Preview mode. I hit the Refresh button in Preview mode and the report magically appeared. Now clicking View Report works also.... Read more

Installing Visual Studio 2005 Sp1 Hell

Last night i was installing Visual Studio 2005 on my VMWare image with MS Server 2003 r2, it wouldn’t work. On my AMD Turion mobile the install took ages, and then after 2 hours: “Error 1718. File was rejected by digital signature policy”.   The Cause: “This problem occurs if the Windows Installer process has insufficient contiguous virtual memory to verify that the .msi package or the .msp package is correctly signed.” which MS had fixed in... Read more