Creating a “Horizontal” table in a Report

Ok yesterday i got a request for a report, our customer wants the same report as usual just data and some percentages over a total. Piece of cake, but then “Ow yeah he wants them over a dynamic amount of Countrys shown horziontally”. My heart dropped. Horizontal tables .. in reporting server .. no way.   So when i got back to my workplace i started googling inmediatly, after some fruitless attempts i found the... Read more

Index out of bounds when previewing report

While previewing my report i got a “An unexpected error occurred in Report Processing. Index was outside the bounds of the array.”. I couldn’t  my out of bounds index anywhere. The Index error exception popped up when i added a new field to the report and hit “View Report”. Apparently the report caches these columns in Preview mode. I hit the Refresh button in Preview mode and the report magically appeared. Now clicking View Report works also.... Read more

Installing Visual Studio 2005 Sp1 Hell

Last night i was installing Visual Studio 2005 on my VMWare image with MS Server 2003 r2, it wouldn’t work. On my AMD Turion mobile the install took ages, and then after 2 hours: “Error 1718. File was rejected by digital signature policy”.   The Cause: “This problem occurs if the Windows Installer process has insufficient contiguous virtual memory to verify that the .msi package or the .msp package is correctly signed.” which MS had fixed in... Read more

Office Hours: How Bill Gates uses Office

Bill Gates People are often curious about which applications and technology I use, and if there are features in the new version of Office that have changed the way I work. Without a doubt, the 2007 Microsoft Office system enables me to get my work done more easily and quickly than before. If you visit my office, you will probably notice right away that I have three large flat screen displays that sit together and are synchronized... Read more

an eBook reader i want one !

After some years it seems like the ebook readers are finally getting more and more mature, after seeing a program called “in de ban van het ding” yesterday which featured the Kindle my interest is newly sparked. Maybe it’s time to replace my book collection for an electronic device.   The kindle from amazon is great: Amazon’s kindle but you can’t order them in Europe. Philips daugther iRex has a european counterdevice calles the iLiad. Price is... Read more

Dude, where’s my business logic?

Over the years we have moved from desktop, to client server, to 3-tier, to n-tier, to service orientation. In the process though many things have changed, but many habits have remained. Often this resistance to change is exactly that, habitual. However many times it is procedural. This article discusses what we are doing wrong, and possible solutions.   Full article at Code Project Read more

New version MDXStudio Released (0.2.5)

MDX Studio is tool 4 which helps users of Microsoft Analysis Services to wholesale mlb jerseys analyze complex MDX expressions, monitor cheap nfl jerseys performance characteristics Services of MDX queries and get wholesale nfl jerseys insight into cheap mlb jerseys Analysis how de MDX interacts with other UDM features such as attribute relationships. MDX Studio provides Bowel unique visualization representation of MDX expression BidsHelper wholesale nfl jerseys and allows the Academy user du to wholesale... Read more