PerformancePoint Monitoring + Silverlight: KPIs and Scorecards

PerformancePoint Monitoring doesn’t have as robust a prescription as Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint, but yes, PerformancePoint Monitoring & Silverlight can be used together.

PerformancePoint dashboards are SharePoint web part pages, so web parts or master pages using Silverlight for menus, visualization, charting, or any other thing, are right at home in (or surrounding) a PerformancePoint dashboard.
Another integration point is the web service PmService.asmx. You can learn more about this service through PerformancePoint SDK documentation of its client proxy. In this article we’ll call the GenerateView method of this service to retrieve and work with a scorecard/KPI data set, and visualize that data in Silverlight 2.

For more read this msdn post:

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