Debugging and learning DAX with Alberto Ferrari

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Debugging and learning DAX with Maestro Alberto Ferrari. What are some best practices with debugging DAX or when confronted with a new challenge. How should you learn DAX? What is challenging for his students but also for Alberto?

The expert on today’s episode is none other than Alberto Ferrari. Alberto doesn’t really need and introduction as he is the face of DAX in Power BI. He co-runs SQL BI (with Marco), which the place to learn about DAX, either online or in person. He has written countless books on DAX, Tabular and MDX over the years.

This episode is also available on Youtube:

Links from the episode:

On YouTube:
His books:

Some links to topics discussed:

Optimizing a billion row table:
Field parameters:
DAX pattern for new and returning customers:

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