Everything AI, LLM’s and Microsoft Fabric CoPilot with Alex van Grootel

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about AI, LLM’s and CoPilots. This is such a hot topic in the industry that I wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about it. Starting with what is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work? What are models? How are they trained and what are some use cases?

Then we will discuss LLM’s (Large Language Models) and what they are and how they work. Why are they so popular and what use cases do they help with?  Then finally we cross over to CoPilot in Fabric and how they work.

We close off talking about the future of AI, what are the concerns and what are the benefits.

The expert on today’s episode is Alex van Grootel, Alex is Program Manager at the Microsoft Fabric team, focusing on Artificial Intelligence in the data science team.

Your host is Kasper de Jonge, Principal Program manager on the Power BI\Fabric team at Microsoft.

This episode is also available as podcast on YouTube: https://youtu.be/q50LPQ72fvs

Links from the episode:

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