Everything SQL Server & Career with Brent Ozar

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about SQL Server, the current state, history, and the future. Cloud vs on prem SQL and how to administration is differently How is SQL Server different then datawarehousing products? We are also talking about how public speaking and shaping his career and life.

The expert on today’s episode is Brent Ozar. Brent is one of the leading trainers and consultant on SQL Server, in his own words “he makes SQL Server go faster”. He has his own successful YouTube channel on SQL and is a sought-after speaker at conferences.

Besides being successful at his work Brent is a master at his own destiny with a clear quest through his life that he calls Epic life quest.

The YouTube episode is available at: Everything SQL Server & Career with Brent Ozar – YouTube

Links mentioned in the episode:

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