Inside the Power BI Engine with Jeffrey Wang

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking all about the Power BI Engine.  We talk about its heritage from Multi-Dimensional and the early days with Power Pivot to its current incarnation with Power BI. How did DAX evolve throughout the years? How does DirectQuery work and what about composite models. And we are answering a bunch of questions from the listeners too.

The expert on today’s episode is Jeffrey Wang. Jeffrey is a Partner Software Engineer on the Power BI team at Microsoft, where he has been since 2004! First working on the Multi-Dimensional engine and then moved to work on the Analysis services engine that serves are the hearth of Power BI since then. He is instrumental for the work on DAX, Direct Query and Composite models in Power BI.

This episode is also available on YouTube.

Jeffreys blog:

Horizontal Fusion :

Composite models: Use composite models in Power BI Desktop – Power BI | Microsoft Learn

DAX Debugging: Chris Webb’s BI Blog: Why I’m Excited About The New DAX EvaluateAndLog() Function Chris Webb’s BI Blog (

Rob collie podcast:

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